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Dry Needling In Carencro, Louisiana

What To Expect From Dry Needling In Carencro Louisiana

Dry needling involves a type of therapy that uses very fine needles that the practitioner inserts into painful knots (myofascial trigger points), ligaments, nerves, or tendons to encourage healing responses for painful and chronic musculoskeletal conditions. These techniques are also a science-based, modern intervention for treating dysfunction and pain in various musculoskeletal conditions. These include shoulder impingement, neck pain, headaches, carp tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis, lower back pain, knee pain, and shin splints.

Dry Needling In Carencro, Louisiana

How Can Dry Needling In Carencro Louisiana Help?

After a dry needling treatment, you may experience an improved range of motion or less pain. When the needles target trigger points, waste chemicals (metabolic), which includes lactic acid that builds up in the tissues, will release. Removing these blockages increases oxygen circulation and blood flow so that the body can naturally heal itself.

Is Dry Needling Safe?

Dry Needling In Carencro, Louisiana helps with dizziness, tiredness, or drowsiness. Yet this usually only affects very few patients (1-3%). Minor bruising and bleeding typically occur in around 15 to 20% of treatments (this is considered normal). Temporary pain during the treatment typically occurs in 60 to 70% of patients.

Dry needling in Carencro Louisiana is regarded as safe, and more severe side effects have only occurred in 0.01% of people. The most serious adverse effect caused by dry needling includes pneumothorax (lung collapse caused by air inside the chest wall). Symptoms and signs of a pneumothorax include chest pain, shortness of breath, excessive sweating, increased breathing rate, and the skin turns a bluish color. If such symptoms or signs occur, it is important to get immediate medical attention.

Dry needling is mainly used to improve oxygen circulation and blood flow, ease pain in the joints, and loosen knots and stiff muscles. This technique brings about positive results for people that would like to optimize and enhance their sports performance, prevent an issue from becoming more severe or chronic, and to speed up the healing process after an injury.