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How The Best SEO Cape Town Has Can Improve Your Business

If you are new to online marketing and have just launched your first website, then this is a must read article for you! I’ve been in online marketing for a number of years now and I have seen many websites get lost in Google’s ranking algorithms and struggle to get any traffic. As a marketer myself, I’ve struggled to find good information to help my SEO (search engine optimization) efforts – but not anymore! The SEO Cape Town Guidebook is the one I’ve been looking for – and I’ve found it!

SEO Cape Town

The SEO Cape Town Guidebook is absolutely free and provides you with all the tools and resources to aid your SEO optimization across Cape Town and the other suburbs. So pay close attention to the information on the local directory section further down on the SEO Cape Town Guidebook, because this all affects local small business.

I started my SEO audit report by highlighting that we had just completed a large organic traffic increase in our website, which peaked at around 4000 visitors a day. Whilst it was pleasing to see the initial growth, I was then noticing some slower periods in which we didn’t have quite as much activity. Traffic can bounce back, however if you don’t address the problems which are causing it to bounce then your site will struggle to maintain momentum. One of the things I suggested during my research was to include a link from my own domain name in every email that came through from clients, to this day I send a couple of emails to clients asking them to click on the link in my signature, I think this is one of the most important things I have done to optimize my site for local search.

One of the things that I then learned was that my own domain was not a good enough reason to use for my SEO Cape Town SEO service provider, instead I should have concentrated my efforts on improving the rankings of domains associated with my business. This could have been done by making sure that my business domain name was included in all of my emails. One of the other things I learned from my SEO audit report was that the number one reason for website visitors leaving an internet website was because they found the website to be below standard. To improve the ranking of my website, I concentrated on improving the internal linking structure of the site, which is not only more effective than external linking structures, but is also far less time consuming.